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Revolutionizing conveninience with next-gen mini markets.

We are an ultra-convenience retail company that provides top of the market products for immediate consumption in the comfort of your premises.

Our ultra-convience markets are operated by an embodiment of cutting-edge self-service technology that allows our customers to experience a new way to shop.

instafood kiosk

The mix of products that your customers love, available 24 hours a day.

No wasted time in queues or worries! With Instafood, your customers have the convenience of purchasing, without leaving their living area, more than 700 products from the main brands on the market.



Your customers choose the best way to purchase, in their own time.


100% Tailor-made

Kiosk flexiblity adaptable to all kind of facilities.


Frequent Supply

100% of our kiosks are restocked twice per week.


Competitive Prices

Partnership with the biggest market chains to guarantee a fair price for everyone.


Easy Payment

Credit Card, Apple or Google Pay.



Convenience adds value to space and people.

Some of our clients

More than 200 points installed in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with its own operation.

Technology that makes life easier!

Our smart refrigerators recognize products and charge automatically.

Frugale Geladeira Autonoma

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